The Meritage

Napa, CA

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, the Meritage Resort and Spa is a large yet seemingly intimate and romantic place to getaway. As a portrait photographer who adores shooting photo sessions there with all of its views of the wine country, I can safely say it is a fan favorite among clients. From proposals and engagements to some of the most spectacular weddings (including weddings inside wine caves!), the Meritage Resort and Spa provides the perfect backdrop for capturing life's most precious moments. Imagine strolling hand in hand through the vineyards, while I follow you around to capture the fun memories of you and your loved ones! They have no shortage of awesome architecture, amenities, vineyards, tasting rooms, and even a spa.


1) Weather

Click below to see what Napa's seasons and weather are like.


2) Season

One thing for sure about the Meritage is that winter is its dead season. That means the vines are bare and ugly, the place is under construction, and it is just right out cold. Not that California doesn't receive the best of winters. But this place really shines in the spring and summer!

3) Mobility

I always give caution to those who are looking to use the Meritage as their photoshoot location. Some of the best views and sights of their on-property vineyards (and the city beyond) are at the top of a large hill. The top is only accessible by a long and steep staircase or by driving up to a small parking lot where there is a steep ramp. Once at the top, there are rocky dirt pathways lining the vineyards and beautiful grounds. While the walk and staircase are quite doable, and I have seen people conquer the rocky path in high heels, it is not advised for those with disabilities or trouble walking. It is also not advised on a very hot day, especially if you're not used to the exercise. Come to think of it, some advice for those who are visiting from out of town, this goes for many places in Napa and even California in general. ALWAYS ask your photographer about the terrain and walking difficulty of the location you will be shooting at, as this is a state with many hills and mountains and very little flat ground.

Having said all that is a great place to take pictures as there are many backdrops and sights to see. The season is a make or break for this location but it is a favorite among travelers and many people end up using the Meritage as their lodging.