Napa Valley Wine Train

Photographed at: V. Sattui, St. Helena, CA

Step aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of California's wine country. As a photographer who has had the privilege of capturing countless special moments for this iconic train, let me tell you why this experience is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Napa Valley.

Picture this: You're surrounded by breathtaking vineyard views, sipping on exquisite wines, and indulging in gourmet cuisine—all while gliding along in luxurious vintage railcars. The Napa Valley Wine Train isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an experience that immerses you in the rich history and natural beauty of the region. The Train offers several different types of experiences on two different trains that run up and down the St. Helena Highway, ranging in lunches, dinners, and wine tastings. Winery stops that they make are to Charles Krug, V. Sattui, and Grgich Hill Estate.

And now.... imagine sharing this experience with your loved ones during a special event. Whether it's a romantic proposal, an enchanting engagement, a milestone anniversary, or a joyous birthday celebration, the Napa Valley Wine Train provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Can you picture it? Not to mention the people at the Wine Train are so kind and accommodating to their guests, that all you have to do is sit back and let all of us handle everything.

Click the link below to see other work I have done for the Wine Train and why I love them so much!


1) Weather

Visit this blog post > NAPA WEATHER GUIDE

2) Planning

While it is so much fun, hiring a photographer for your Wine Train experience requires a lot of planning! Deciding what experience you want to book, how you will coordinate with your photographer, and if you will have your photographer on the train with you or just meet them at the stops are all important things to figure out well in advance. Last-minute planning leads to stressful experiences and potential miscommunication about the plans.

3) Crowds

Lastly, depending on the season you might run into crowds, HOWEVER, the wineries and venues tend to cap their capacity for this reason. But if taking pictures in front of others makes you nervous, it's best to go with a more intimate or private setting or even off-season visits.

Remember that the whole point is to have fun and create memories! So relax and try to not work yourself into the details. A moving train moves whether you're on it or not, so you might as well go with the flow, drink some wine, and have a good time!