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Congratulations on your engagement!

Whether your proposal was a big surprise or you have been waiting for this day for forever, I am so happy for you! Your time being engaged should bring all those honeymoon butterflies back into your tummy. I am here to freeze all of those feelings and memories in time, for you to look back on and remember. Sometimes it can be a roller coaster of emotions, so taking it slow and making sure it is all documented is what I encourage the most. Find me every step of the way on your journey down the aisle.

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Beacon Beach, Lucadia, CA

Brooke & Tris

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OCean Beach, San Diego, CA

Annie & Tom

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"The minute we started the shoot, all the nerves were gone and it was pure bliss. It was so fun, and Alyse directed us in such an easy-to-follow way."

Victoria & Jona

Albums, Prints, wall art, folios, Etc.

Tangible Goods!

As a photographer, I believe the most important thing I can give is preservation of a memory that is so special it is worth reminiscing on over and over again. And even though I am in the digital business, I believe computers and social media can compromise the importance of that very special memory.
Thats why I offer high quality and fair priced photographic goods that you can customize, hold, feel, display, and give your tired eyes a rest from the screen. Perfect gifts for friends and family!

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