Meet Marie and Blake

Marie and Blake hired me through mutual friends to shoot their fairytale of a wedding. After getting to know them more through the wedding planning process, I was blown away with Maries kindness, positivity, and gentle heart and even though the wedding was so gorgeous and full of laughter and love, their "Trash the Dress" shoot takes the cake as one of the cutest and most endearing shoots I've ever shot. Take a look at some of the best shots from this session and see for yourself why I consider Marie to be a real life Disney Princess!

Why is this shoot so special?

When we had decided to do a post-wedding "Trash the Dress" photoshoot, Marie had suggested we shoot at the small ranch where she frequently rode horses. She had said the ranch was a very meaningful and special place to her, plus we had both thought it would be an amazing opportunity to get a photo of her sitting on top of a horse in her wedding dress. Unfortunately, time and circumstances were not on our side, so when we found out that we weren't able to use a horse for the pictures, I was relieved that Marie felt there was still so much potential at the ranch for an amazing shoot. And boy was there! I am convinced that we could have shot in a junkyard and Marie would have made the best of it and made it look fun and effortless.

Marie's love for animals is obvious in these photos and is, of course, reminiscent of that of all the iconic Disney Princesses who are elegantly escorted around by their animal mascots while they bring good into the world. I witnessed her casually walk around the ranch feeding chickens, cuddling cows, and allowing her dress to be nibbled on by goats and laid on by dachshunds. It is something I can definitely relate to being an animal person myself and these pictures embody the effortlessness in which we shot and a wholesomeness that touches your heart.

As a photographer, there is something about the willingness to let go, allow me to direct organically, and truly embrace the concept of a "Trash the Dress" shoot, that was very refreshing and fulfilling for me creatively. Watching clients release their tensions and the nagging voices in their heads during a photoshoot, so that they can embrace the day and little moments for what they are, is why I do what I do and really is what memory preservation is all about. I hope these pictures inspire others to be their own version of a Disney Princess, in even the smallest of ways.

These images mostly highlight Marie with the animals, so if you would like to see all the images from this shoot,

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