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Congrats on your final semster!

Wether you are graduating from high school or getting your degree, your final semester also means new beginnings! I like to call them milestones because there is so much that is pored into these years. Not just hard work and dedication, but emotional growth, celebrations, and even being drug through the trenches. You don't need to graduate the top of your class for it to be a milestone because no mater what school experience you had you earned this final moment!

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Angela & Dimitry

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Photography for the People and their lovely memories

Intimate and Adventurous Wedding Photography

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"She took the time to research scenes around my campus that would make for the best photos and gave me great advice on styles and facial expressions for each shot. She is amazing!"


Albums, Prints, wall art, folios, Etc.

Tangible Goods!

As a photographer, I believe the most important thing I can give is preservation of a memory that is so special it is worth reminiscing on over and over again. And even though I am in the digital business, I believe computers and social media can compromise the importance of that very special memory.
Thats why I offer high quality and fair priced photographic goods that you can customize, hold, feel, display, and give your tired eyes a rest from the screen. Perfect gifts for friends and family!

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