FAQ : Boudoir

Everything you need to know about how a boudoir photo session is booked, conducted, and delivered. For information regarding other types of photo sessions or events, click one of the pertaining links.

"What Is Boudoir?"

By definition, a boudoir is a french term for a woman's bedroom, dressing room, or private quarters. Now days, it is a term used usually in photography that is associated with lingerie, nudity, or "sexy photos."

Every photographer has their own spin on this iconic type of photography because well, it has been around since the 1800s. Many are quick to make it synonyms with porn, however the definition of porn is quite the opposite and purely erotic; no emotions or personal intent involved. 

"Whats your style?"

MY personal boudoir photography revolves around the idea of self love and the gift of sharing your self love with others! That includes tasteful and playful images highlighting you in the way that makes you feel most confident and sexy. My perfect client tends to want to show off their natural everyday selves with an extra drop of sultry, and if they have a partner that they want to show their images off to, their partner is usually also keen on "the simple yet sexy" type of look.

It is EXTREMELY important for you to find a photographer who will help give you the look and confidence you desire. I do very minimal retouching and only if the client specifically asks for it. Prepare for lots of giggling and laughing because remember boudoir is suppose to be fun!

"Why get boudoir pics?"

These days theres so much controversy revolved around self love. YES, I said controversy! We're expected to be modest but fun, confident but not conceded, social but not flirty, love our bodies but hide most of it. I have to say, it gets confusing, and god forbid boundaries get crossed! 

​Having a boudoir session is a private and intimate way for you to let it all go! Show it off, flaunt it, be flirty, be confident or even a little naughty. If you have a significant other, remind them of why you're so amazing. No one is judging you, in fact we are rooting for you! Theres no other experience, in my opinion, that can boost your confidence or re-spark your fire like a boudoir session. It is purely an experience for the individual.

​HAVING SAD THAT..... If you happen to be getting married or have an anniversary, birthday, or any holiday coming up, Who says you can't gift a special someone some nice images of you looking fine as hell!

"Do I have to bare it all?"


This is all about YOU. Whatever makes YOU feel sexy. If that means wearing a turtle neck, I'm all in!

However, I highly suggest giving in to the process, letting go of all concerns and having fun! remember, no one is judging you (unless that person is you!).

As your photographer you can trust that I would never put you in a position that you are not okay with. I would also never take/present pictures that I didn't think we're tasteful or that you didn't looked good in. Plus! the pictures are as private as you'd like them to be so you might as well go all out!

"Where do we take them?"

Your boudoir session can take place indoors or outdoors depending on the vibe you're going for. I personally LOVE doing outdoor sessions. They feel a little more exciting and rebellious and nature has so much to contribute as far as scenery and space.

​There are nude beaches, vacant forests, and open fields for those who are up for the adventure. but even your own backyard can be an amazing space!

​Indoor options would be limited to your own humble abode, which can offer tons of personality even coziness to your images. Or for a price, you can opt for a hotel room or an Airbnb to get a more luxurious experience.

"What can I expect during the session?"

You can expect to be transported back in time to when you and your girl friend would have sleep overs , play dress up, and stay up all night giggling and talking about boys. During my boudoir sessions, the experience is half of the reason you're there, so I would hate for anybody to take them selves too seriously. If you drink, there could be champagne involved. I would make outfit suggestions, and we would come to a conclusion on the location and feel of the shoot. It would take about an hour with a few outfit changes. Lots of silliness and laughing is required and will usually pull all that natural sexiness out of you!

"How do I get my images?"

​Your images will be sent to you in an email access only and password protected online gallery. You will also get a little black book made with 20 of your favorite images in it. Of course there are book upgrades if you really want your images to stand out and shine.

Social media and website sharing can be limited to just the image/images you select, or non at all. Your privacy is important to me and I will always respect your wishes for secrecy.

"Do you do steamy couple sessions"

YOU BET! I love shooting couples, and I love doing boudoir sessions.... So let's kill two birds with one stone! (ps. no birds will be harmed during this process). Steamy couples sessions are common for soon-to-be or newly-weds. I HIGHLY recommend doing a session with me if you fall into either of those categories. Just imagine! you're 78 years old and have the chance to dig up old photos from when you did that steamy photo shoot with the love of your life!

I mean full blown Titanic moment!

Plus, nobody makes you feel more confident in your skin as much as your boo does. am I right?!​

"What can I expect during a couple sessions?"

Again, these sessions can be as provocative as you would like them to be. You do not at all have to run around on a public beach naked, and as I mentioned earlier, I would not take nor deliver an image that was distasteful or made any of us uncomfortable.

Just like a regular boudoir session, letting go is the key to a good time. Forgetting that there is a camera and enjoying the love you share with that other person. A typical session would fly by very fast and involves a lot of running around, giggling, and a lot of touching and kissing on your part.

"isn't it akward?"

This is by far the number one question I get.

My answer is always, "not really."

Unless you have some creepy ideas you're going to spring on me during the session, I can promise it will be the time of your life and that it will be fun for everyone. So if you are even thinking of maybe booking a session, you automatically fall into the "not awkward" category Because you are open and ready for the experience. That isn't to say there won't be nerves and adrenaline going around, but remember I am here to capture you at your best! I have never had a couple tell me anything other than they had a good time even when they were nervous. So laugh, play, let go, enjoy the experience, and just have fun!

You can count on me to be there for you every step of the way, making you feel confident and beautiful. I will help guide you through the process of Do's and Don'ts, locations, posing, props, and help keep the flow of the session going.

It really is fun, simple and easy!

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